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When you are searching for a back dr in West Orange or Brick, NJ, look no further than the experts at Coastal Back and Pain Institute. As leaders in the pain management industry, the minimally invasive techniques we provide expedite the healing process while relieving your pain. One area we concentrate on is diagnosing and treating back pain to facilitate a return to your normal lifestyle. Our team of specialists manages your back pain depending on the underlying problem by offering a comprehensive variety of treatments.

Treating Back Pain Unique to Your Condition

Back pain of any type, such as a sudden, sharp pain or a dull, constant ache, can make moving nearly impossible. It can worsen over time slowly, or begin quickly if you lift something too heavy or fall. If we believe a specific condition is the cause of your back pain, we will order tests, such a MRIs, CT scans, X-rays, and EMGs to support a diagnosis. Combined with other evaluations and assessments performed by our specialists, we can help rule out more serious situations. Some of the conditions we treat to help alleviate back pain include:

We base our treatment plans for back pain depending on your unique situation. For instance, acute back pain tends to improve without treatment, although you can take over-the-counter ibuprofen or aspirin to help relieve the pain. It is rare to treat acute back pain with surgery or therapy.

Let Us Help You

Don’t live in pain any longer. In addition to back pain management, we provide endoscopic surgery and diagnostic procedures to relieve a variety of conditions related to joint pain, sciatica, and neck pain. At Coastal Back and Pain Institute, Dr. Douglas Manganelli and his team of experts have your back. Contact us today at 732-747-7076 to schedule a no-obligation consultation.

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